Sunday, February 26, 2012

Special Delivery

     Hello paper lovers back with a card for the 99th color palette at the this week. I found this stork graphic when I was looking at vintage newborn images for another project, I knew it would match this weeks palette perfectly. Then at a Friday night crop at with my sister (Marvin's other daughter) and my dear friend Paula, I found this great paper for the card.

 I decided to follow the sketch for the card this week at designed by Lydell Quinn. Every week she designs a sketch for a scrapbook layout page and a card.

 I had enough paper to make 3 cards, below is the second card. I haven't finished the third one so no pics of that yet. One of the sheets of paper was alphabet letters that I used for the word Boy. 

  I really like these cards and the color palette, it is a little different for a newborn. I used paper by the Sasparilla line purchased at It was fun to go to a Friday night crop again, I haven't been to one in awhile and it was fun to chat and see what the other ladies were working on. Hope to do one again soon!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Got my card onto on time this week!! Will finish this post in a few hours. Thank you for stopping by and please check back! Lori

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Baby Girl

    A baby girl to love and cherish! What a blessing! Congratulations to the lucky family! And lucky me I get to make a "girl" project. Being a Mom of two boys, my only pink projects are few and far between. So when I get to make a girl thing, it is all pink, ribbons, ruffles and lace.

This little book on a large keyring is another project I made with some chipboard coasters that you can get at a restaurant or bar. I covered both sides of the coasters with some pink paper and started layering them up. I am going to back up a step and say that I always completely design my page, cut each piece of paper to the size I want it, then I add the doodad's, I pretty much lay everything down the way I want it before I glue anything. I never glue until I feel the page is finished. That way you can always add something. Those of you laughing, you have already figured this out...the rest of you hopefully will learn from our trial and error.

In the picture above I hope you can see the ribbon I tied around the paper and in the picture below how that paper unfolds for notes to the baby, or maybe some photos of the older brothers, Dad and of course some "profile" pictures of Mom.  

 I printed six vintage baby graphics, then inked the edges of the paper. I cut some paper mats for the vintage graphics, got the mats wet and scrunched them behind the graphics. Then tied a frilly string around them. 

I made a clear pocket for some tags that could be used for more journaling notes or photos



Another foldout in the above photo on the left.

More tags and the third paper foldout.

In the above photo is the large keyring with ribbon tied around it. Below is one of my favorite graphics of a vintage baby carriage that I used for the back cover.


I really enjoyed making this and I love how it turned out. I think it looks so sweet and can be a family heirloom when it is filled with some journaling and photos from this special time of their life.
All the paper used for this project was purchased at
The graphics were printed from an old
version of Print Artist software that I have. You can find many vintage graphics just Google them under images. The ribbon is from and a friend gave me a bunch of the key rings years ago. I added a few leftover stickers that I had in my stash.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!!

Happy Love Day!!! One of my favorite sayings is "Love breeds love" I think it is so true!!

I am so thankful for all the love in my life, my kids, my family, my friends and my husband who supports my love of crafting!! Although  I do notice when he refers to my scrapbooking room, he always forgets the "s" : )

This card was for last weeks Color Room Challenge.....which I missed. But still wanted to show off my card. Lots of layers in this card. One of my favorite paper distressing techniques is to just get the paper wet and wrinkle it up. You do have to be careful not to tear the paper when you are unfolding it, but you can really scrunch the paper to any shape you want. I also rolled up some mini roses to add some charm and added a fabric flower too. Below is a shot of the back of the card.

All supplies for this card were purchased at
Papers used for this card are: pepplesinc, the Fresh Goods line.
The Paper Loft, the Huckleberry Pond line.
And Basic Grey the Kissing Booth line. I don't know who makes the fabric flower but I bought it at Paper Daisies.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Diamonds

Greetings paper lovers! I can't help but think of today's three cards as "Diamonds in the Rough". 

These cards were inspired by this weeks palette at
For each card I cut out some diamonds with my Cricut die cutting machince, using the Storybook cartridge, out of three different papers. I then patch worked the diamonds onto the top layer of paper for each card.
I painted a chipboard figure black, love the little bird on top, layered it up with some tulle, glitter leaves and a pretty red flower. I cut the papers a bit larger than the actual card size and then got them wet and wrinkled them into a ball. I carefully unfolded the paper and then scrunched and shaped it to fit the card. Hence the diamonds in the rough. I glued gunned the papers together as they are pretty heavy once you start layering.

Card #2, thought I would make one horizontal. Above is the front of the card and below is a shot of the back.

Card #3 is similar to #1. I used a metal frame on this one, and layered the tulle, glitter leaves and flower on top of the frame. Below is a glimpse of the back of all three cards.
I really enjoyed making this set of cards, they are my favorite style......wrinkled, weathered and layered up!
  Almost all the materials for these cards were purchased at the new local scrapbook store
  Here is a list of all the paper used for these cards, Basic Grey, the Kissing Booth line. Fabscraps, the Heritage Script 4 line. and some Bazzill paper. The flowers are also from all purchased at Paper Daisies. The tulle too, they will cut whatever length you need.
  The metal frame on card 3 is from but purchased at the local store.
  Die cuts from the Storybook cartridge from
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  Have a great day, Lori