Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Dinning Table 2013

Today I have a gorgeous Christmas tablescape to share with you.

I am so lucky to know people who indulge me and my blog by letting me photograph their dinning table.

And photograph it I did! I took 247 pictures of their place. Yes you read that right 247 pictures. Now bloggers are saying "so, that's no big deal" regular folks are like "REALLY 247 pictures????" That's crazy!!

So it is amazing that I whittled this post down to 22 pictures.

See what I mean? Gorgeous table = gorgeous pictures.

What a festive feel with all the traditional Christmas colors.

Surprise I was at Paula's sons house! Creative decor runs in the family!

On Christmas day the family will celebrate with friends and family.

Enjoying a delicious meal together.

So if you are wondering if I really took 247 pictures of the dinning table the answer is no. I pretty well captured all of their Christmas decor. Check back to see the beautiful silver Christmas mantel  Paula's grandson put together. Every generation is creative in this family!!

Thank you to Randy, Natalie & Austin for letting me photograph your gorgeous Christmas table. I couldn't stop clicking! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas day!

Thank you for stopping by today. That was some real Christmas eye candy wasn't it?

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Decor Paula's Home 2013

Ready to check out some cheery holiday decor?

You are at the right place,

Welcome to my dear friend Paula's Christmas cottage.

Paula's home is full of unique decor, it reflects her bright and cheery outlook on life....all year long.

Paula likes to change things up every season and holiday. It's no wonder  I love to blog about her place. There is always something new to see.

Not only is there always something new, there is so much to see!

So I tried to capture a few Christmas goodies for you to see.

Christmas Mantel

Christmas Mantel

Santa Bag Burlap Banner Burlap Fireplace

In the photo above you can see Paula added some burlap this year. Paula.s sister Darby made the fireplace cover. I love it! It adds such a modern rustic touch. Also the burlap Joyeux banner is new. The Santa sack and burlap stockings add some color and texture.

I cut the letters for the banner with my Silhouette. Then I ran them through the crimper. I dry brushed each letter with some bright red paint, I always like a weathered look. Paula loved the way they turned out.

Isn't this Santa letter adorable?

 Paula asked me to mention that all most all of her Christmas decor is from one our favorite stores in town, Real Deals Reno. We love their unique, ever changing stock. Talk about new stuff all the time! We love their "real deal" prices. But mostly we love the nice ladies and the great service they provide! I love a store with a friendly atmosphere.

Paula your home is putting the bright and cheery into Christmas this year! Thank you for letting me showcase your holiday mantel.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you holiday season is merry and bright!


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