Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Boy Books

  Welcome paper lovers thank you for stopping by. Today I have two baby boy books. While showing some girlfriends my baby girl book that I blogged awhile back, Vintage Baby Girl Book I was asked to make some boy books. So off to the scrapbook store I went in search of some baby boy paper.
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Baby Boy Mini Album
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   I found two cute lines of boy paper ready to be made into some cute books. First off for this book I used the BLAST OFF line by

 This paper is so is outta this world!! Sorry couldn't help myself, : )

Baby Boy Scrapbook Mini Album
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 Lots of spaces for cute photos!

 In the photo below, I snuck a banner in. Cutting the letters with the Silhouette machine.

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 Below a shot of the back of the book. I need to get some matching ribbon to tie to the top ring to finish this book off.

Baby Boy Scrapbook Mini Album

 I hope Ethan's family enjoys their book as much as I did making it!


Baby Boy Mini Album Scrapbook

 Now on to book number two, made with another adorable line of paper. I used the baby Boy line by Bella Blvd.

Baby Boy Mini Album
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 The books are made with some press board books that I have had laying around for years...yeah I said years!! My husband says if there was a show about scrapbook hoarders that I could be on the first episode!! I think I should be the host!! I am pretty sure I got the press board books from Oriental Trading Company.

 I love the soft baby boy colors of this paper line.

 Snuck another banner in, love me some banners!!

Baby Boy Mini Album
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Baby Boy Mini Album

In the photo below I folded some paper into a card to add extra photo space.

 I used the same"card" technique below, space for three photos now!!

 I piled the stickers of all the sweet milestones of the first year onto the last page. I hope Travis's family enjoys his book, I love to create a family treasure!

 Below a shot of the back of the book. All the paper for the two books was purchased at Paper Daisies.

 Can't forget a picture of my little "boy"! Dexter is six months old now and ready for football season to get started, check out his Packers scarf we picked up for him at the Nugget Rib Cook Off  He probably would have liked some ribs more!

         Thank you so much for stopping by, let me know what paper crafting projects you would like to see, I am always open to new ideas!!   Have a wonderful day, Lori

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