Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bountiful Blooms - Wisteria Part 2

Ivy and Elephants
Thank you Patti and Paula for featuring the wisteria this week!! I am so flattered!
Make sure to visit Patti and Paula's over at Ivy and Elephants.
These two classy ladies have the coolest collections, and they always share a bit of history about their finds. I learn something every time I visit their blog!! 
Thank you again ladies!!!

Spring is such a special season.

You gotta savor the early blooms.

 They are so delicate and strong at the same time.

 Our wisteria is in full bloom right now and I am loving every minute of it.

 I have been photographing it over and over.
Like a proud new mom!

In the picture below I think it is apparent that the wisteria loves the arbor my husband built as much as I do. 

 The blossoms will only last a few weeks, a windy day or some high temps and it's bye bye to the blooms. 
But the vines and leaves are another story...

In the summer I usually have to trim the wisteria about 4 or 5 times. It grows like a weed! We hardly even water it anymore. I know that sounds odd but it is 22yrs old this year!! So I guess we are doing something right.

 Thank you for visiting today. I love showing off the wisteria!
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It's only April, I have many more garden delights to share with you!
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Bountiful Blooms - Lilacs Part 1

Do you have allergies?

 If so you probably want to stay away from my house.

Everything is in major bloom mode!

 As soon as you turn the corner you can smell the lilacs! It's aroma heaven!

The lilacs didn't just bloom this year, they exploded!!

I guess the whole not watering and just letting them do their own thing worked!

These ol' girls are still gorgeous after more than 2 decades...!!

 Back to the allergies...there are more blooms in the backyard to avoid.

Please enjoy these sneeze free pictures!

More beautiful blooms!

 They are like natures reward after a long cold winter.

I am posting part two of these bountiful blooms later. 
I think the wisteria below deserves its own post.

Thank you for visiting today. Aren't these blossoms gorgeous? 
I couldn't help myself, I just had to share them!
I hope no one is leaving with watery eyes or itchy noses!
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Garden season is just getting started, soon there will be seedlings to share!
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Royal Spring Centerpiece

My sister bought me a crown!
Baby's Breath

She must think I am a princess!

Baby's Breath

Or maybe she finally realized that it's not a joke, I really am the Queen of Everything!

Baby's Breath

No matter what her reason was for buying me the crown that was on sale, marked down to a closeout price, I LOVE it!!!

Baby's Breath

I knew my crown needed to be seen, so I decided to make a royal spring centerpiece.

Baby's Breath

When Pookie (my sister) gave me the crown it was a chippy blue.
 I needed my crown to be a noticeable bright chippy white, so I painted it.

I started gathering some treasures to surround my crown.

These cute ceramic birds added some spring to the centerpiece.

I considered adding this wire egg basket to the display but it wasn't really giving off a royal vibe.

I knew I needed something a little Easter-y so I went with some gold eggs in the picture below.
 I mean this is a "royal" centerpiece!

Still not able to get past the egg idea, I filled up this wire cloche with eggs....unbelievably I didn't break one egg!!!

As much as I liked the way this looked, my husband said he would prefer for us to eat our eggs rather than display them in a royal centerpiece.
 He is weird like that sometimes, obviously he is not a blogger!

Ceramic Bird

Then the untrained decorator part of me thought it would look nice with some tall candlesticks to balance everything out.

 And just like a real princess I declared that I was right about the candlesticks!
Therefore I present you the official royal spring centerpiece!

I want to thank my sister for my crown! 
It's funny she is always mentioning what a royal pain in the "behind" I am.
Just kidding, she loves me...I mean she bought me this crown....just like I ordered her I mean asked her to.

Can you guess who's who in our baby picture?
My sister is gazing into the future deciding how she wants to conquer the world! 
I look like someone was dangling a french fry in front of me!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Paula's Spring Coffee Table

Are you smiling?

 How about now?
I bet this spring coffee table decor is making you smile.

Can it "bee" any brighter or more cheerful?

This button garland is adorable, sure to inspire an awwwweeee.....

Do you remember the fence board boxes my husband made?  
He made three for me and a couple for our dear friend Paula
Well Paula has spruced hers up for spring!

I love the color scheme, the bright yellow, green and pink are perfect for Easter and Spring

Paula is so clever adding the garden tools. She punched the bees out of black paper and glued them onto the bright yellow garden trowel and the eggs. It's all in the details.

The flame-less candles add a nice ambiance in the evening.

Thank you Paula for letting me share your spring coffee table decor.
I know I smile every time I think of it and of you!!!

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