Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DIY Dollar Frames

I'll bet you're like me and have a few unfinished projects laying around. You know you buy something because it was a good deal. Or inspiration strikes you right there in the store you have to get it! Then months or years later you find that dollar frame...mmmmm maybe I should finally do something with this.
Zig Zag Pattern
So the frame in the photo below isn't a dollar frame but it was my inspiration.
I knew it was time to get those dollar frames out and create something with them.
Chevron Fame
As you can see I am still loving the zigzag trend.
Chevron Frame
I apologize for previously referring to a zigzag pattern as chevron pattern. But you know you learn something new everyday!
Chevron Frame
In the photo below are the dollar frames from Michael's. At a dollar each you don't need to waste your 40% off coupon on them. They are about a half an inch thick and have no glass. Hey they are only a $1
To get started I painted the frames ivory with acrylic paint. Always make sure to let the paint dry between layers. Next I watered down some dark brown paint and brushed it over the ivory. I let it sit for about 30 seconds then I wiped the brown off with a damp paper towel. Let everything dry. I then stenciled the zigzag pattern on in black. I also painted the outer and inner edges of the frame in black
Then with my Silhouette Cameo I cut four paper frames to fit around the inner part of the frame. I did the same thing for the heart frame.
I layered and glued the four frames together for each frame. Then I painted them a golden yellow and did the watered brown paint thing again.
For a sealer I used matte Mod Podge.I used it on the paper frames and the wood frames.Even though it is a matte sealer it still has a bit of a finish to it.
 Then came the tough decisions, what pictures to put in the frame?
I printed a few sepia tinted pictures but they looked bland in the frames.
What I really wanted to put in the frames are some sunflowers pictures I took last summer but I want to save those for my late summer fall decor.

Like everyone else I am eager for spring.
You know that feeling of wanting to see some bright blooms.
So there my choice was made, I printed out these pictures of some of my zinnias from last summer. I love the contrast of the mod yet rustic frames and the bright flowers!
I am pretty happy with my dollar frames from Michael's. Make sure check back this summer to see how my sunflower pictures look in the zigzag frames
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Framed Valentine Chalkboard Art

Here is the easiest valentine project I have ever done.

Chalkboard Printables
Yup anyone can pull this craft off!

I went to Pinterest, did a search on printable valentine chalkboard art, then I just picked out which prints I liked best.

Chalkboard Printables
Printed my favorites out (5"x7") and popped them into frames. Yes frames that I have had for years that cost $1.
Chalkboard Art
No creativity needed for this project, just a computer and a printer.
Chalkboard Art
Love, love, love a project this easy!

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Linzer Cookies

I gotta stop baking all these goodies. Or else dramatically increase the exercise.

These are some Valentine treats for my husband. he loves a good jelly cookie.
We had some homemade jelly that a "sweet" friend gave us for Christmas. So I had all the ingredients here at the house.
I naively thought these would be easy to make. I was sure I would be finished baking them before dinner.

I am way to old to be telling this story!

While browsing People magazine I see the pretty picture below and think mmmmmm those are cute and look yummy. My hubby loves the Pepperidge Farms Raspberry Linzer cookies These reminded me of them. This is a recipe from Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. Having all the ingredients on hand I felt somewhat obligated to make them.
After letting the butter soften, I quickly mix the dough. As you can see in the picture below, it is a totally crumbly cookie dough. I was not concerned, I figured it would bind while chilling in frig for 30 minutes. Yeah it binded, like a hockey puck! When I tried to roll the chilled dough, it just crumbled. I was feeling extreme bakers frustration, I mean I followed the instructions to a T! I was ready to throw the dough!!
The internet is full of advice. So I Googled "crumbly linzer cookie dough". Apparently I was not the only person to face this challenge.
The advice that saved the dough was to not chill the dough after mixing. Since I already had formed a
puckdisk and chilled it, I warmed it in a glass dish in the oven for three minutes. Then I worked the dough directly on the counter, not holding it up in my hands. You can see the progress in the photo collage above. I also only ran the rolling pin over the dough once to smooth it. After I cut my cookie shapes with a cookie cutter, I used a spatula to place the cookies on the cookie sheet. (I used Reynold's Wrap non-stick foil on the cookie sheet)  
Then I chilled the cookies on the cookie sheet in the frig for 30 minutes before baking them.
Once I worked out my dough issues things moved along quickly.
I even felt some love for the cookies again.

Some more good advice was to cut the cookie tops and bottoms out at the same time so you had enough bottoms for all the tops you made......so you don't have to make a second batch of dough to make more cookie bottoms. Yeah that was some good advice I wish I had read somewhere!!

In consideration of chocolate lovers, I did a little drizzle.

This cookie story is turning into a cookie saga, so after putting a lot of time, effort, butter and sugar into these cookies (and not really feeling like giving the Barefoot Contessa a good review) we run to Costco for a few items and what do we see????? Giant Costco size Linzer cookies for $9.99!!! Seriously!! So of course we bought them...even though we have about three dozen homemade Linzer cookies at home. I mean we had to compare them to mine, right?? So after having a Linzer cookie comparison test we all agreed, they were both really good!!

This saga continues....I open up the Jan/Feb issue of Martha Stewart's magazine this morning and check out Martha's heart shaped cookies in the photo below.....I don't think she used a cookie cutter...and I think my cookies are cuter!! SShhhh don't tell Martha I said that!
Ok so below is a picture of the recipe. Click here to view Ina's Garten's Linzer Cookie recipe
 After I got over the dough drama, I definitely give these cookies 5 stars. They are delicious. With one cup of sugar and 3/4's of a pound of butter you can't go wrong. They ended up being a quick cookie too, I put that second batch together in just minutes.
So after all the time, energy and effort I put into these homemade cookies, what I realized in the end is that I better get up early and head to the gym tomorrow morning! Looks like extra cardio for me!!!

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 Ina Garten's Linzer Cookie Recipe


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Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Treats In Chicken Wire Jars

I have some Valentine treats for you today.
Well, some virtual treats.
Did you see my last post about the Easy Candied Cherry Fudge? Yep that is the fudge in the photo above, in all her glory! There is a link at the bottom of the page to the Candied Cherry Fudge recipe. Check. It. Out.
So I had another great idea....well at the time I thought it was a great idea, to make a chicken wire jar.
I probably don't need to give any instructions for the chicken wire jars, I am most likely the only person who thinks this was a good idea. But just in case...so with some wire cutters I cut a strip of chicken wire about 7" by 13" really you can make it any size you want, this is just the size I made.
Then I roll the chicken wire and made a tube about 4" in diameter. I overlapped the chicken wire at the "seam" in the back and then twisted tied the wires with some needle nose pliers.
I wore garden gloves while working with the chicken wire.
I folded the bottom of the tube in a bit to make the bottom of the "jar".
They are not really jars I am just calling them that.
Then I popped the fudge into some glassine bags.
I attached some vintage-y tags I made.
I am loving this trendy color combo of cream, red and pale turquoise.
These heart tags are just like the ones in my mini heart banner post, so I attached a link for that paper heart tutorial at the bottom of the page too.
I love my rustic chicken wire jars, but honestly it was a time consuming project. For me though once the idea is planted in my brain, it's coming out!! If I don't give it a try I will be awake at night thinking about it.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think of my latest "project". This is chicken wire from my father-in-law that he gave me decades ago. I doubt he ever thought I would be making "jars" with it.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my virtual treats today, I really appreciate it!

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