Monday, May 6, 2013


Do you love lilacs? I do. I love their sweet fragrance, their old fashion look, all the lavender and purple blooms. And I love how hardy they are. With our eccentric spring weather here in northern Nevada I appreciate a tough lilac bush.
We moved into our house during the month of October, 23 years ago. No lilacs were blooming then, but the lilac bushes still made a great natural border between our house and two of our neighbors houses.
blooming lilac bush

I jumped for joy our first spring at our house when the lilacs bloomed!! Their huge!!! Needless to say I have spent 23 springs photographing, making bouquets and loving our lilacs!
Blooming lilac bushes

Below is a photo of what the lilacs look like from our neighbors yard. Privacy for us all...courtesy of Mother Nature!!!

Blooming Lilac Bushes

Have you ever had a "floral" surprise? Or what about this spring, what is your favorite part of your yard? Leave a comment, I love hearing from you!! 
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