Monday, May 6, 2013


Do you love lilacs? I do. I love their sweet fragrance, their old fashion look, all the lavender and purple blooms. And I love how hardy they are. With our eccentric spring weather here in northern Nevada I appreciate a tough lilac bush.
We moved into our house during the month of October, 23 years ago. No lilacs were blooming then, but the lilac bushes still made a great natural border between our house and two of our neighbors houses.
blooming lilac bush

I jumped for joy our first spring at our house when the lilacs bloomed!! Their huge!!! Needless to say I have spent 23 springs photographing, making bouquets and loving our lilacs!
Blooming lilac bushes

Below is a photo of what the lilacs look like from our neighbors yard. Privacy for us all...courtesy of Mother Nature!!!

Blooming Lilac Bushes

Have you ever had a "floral" surprise? Or what about this spring, what is your favorite part of your yard? Leave a comment, I love hearing from you!! 
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  1. Purple is my favorite color and these are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful pictures. The favorite part of my yard are the beautiful plants and flowers that come back every year and in the early spring pop their little heads through the soil and pretty soon they are big enough to enjoy and bring a smile to many faces. The bees and insects and the lady bugs are also fun to watch do their duty to continue making the plants and flowers flourish.

  3. So pretty! I cannot believe all the blossoms. I am jealous :-)

  4. I LOVE lilacs!! I can't wait to plant some at our new place!!

    My good friend gave me a rose of sharon a couple years ago. I've got a new volunteer plant that's going to the new lot, too!! I split my hostas last year and moved some to the lot, but most of them didn't make it. :'( I'm a bad new-plant-watering mom.

    Your lilacs are freaking amazing!!!

  5. I absolutely love any colour! Their fragrance is divine. Lovely post.