Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Coffee Table

Are you looking for some spring decorating ideas?

I've got some simple inspiration for you today.

Do you remember this fence board box my husband made?

I blogged about it in January. Originally I went for a winter white theme.

For spring I added some green.

I also added some white silk roses and tulips.

Then I tucked some bright green moss into the box too.

Nothing says springtime like a little birdie!

Ceramic Bird

I am still digging my rusty chain garland from Real Deals!!

Paula picked up these cool grapevine globes for me at the floral supply shop.

I put them on the candlesticks and tucked some of the moss under them.

Look at the glare Dexter is giving me!! I think that is his "let's wrap up this photo session and get to the dog park ASAP " look!!
You can tell who rules the roost at our house!

Awww Dexterdoodle Momma is done and ready to go outside and enjoy some blue skies!!

Click here to see my winter white version of the coffee table.

Thank you for stopping by MarvinsDaughters today and checking out my spring coffee table.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Paula's Spring Porch - Arrow Chalkboard

Do you love cool one of a kind outdoor decor?
Then you are at the right place.
Real Deals

Today I am sharing Paula's chalkboard. Paula is one of my dearest friends. She has a great positive attitude and it is reflected in every area of her life, her fashion sense, her home decor and her yard.

Real Deals

She picked up this chalkboard at Real Deals in Reno. One of the nice ladies that works there wrote the phrase on it for Paula. It is a true work of chalkboard art! She did a great job, I love how she used  different colors of chalk.

Real Deals

The cool arrow shape of this chalkboard makes it so unique.

Real Deals

I think "arrows" are a new trend in decorating, Paula is leading the way...just follow the arrows!!

Real Deals

What unique decor direction are you heading towards?

Real Deals
Thank you Paula for letting me share your chalkboard arrow.
It's so cute, everyone should see it!
To see the cool vintage bike on Paula's Spring porch click here.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Paula's Spring Porch - Vintage Bike

Spring is here! Wake up winter hibernation is over!

 It's time to put some blossoms in a basket!
Spring Porch

This spring Paula has the perfect basket for her blooms on this vintage bike.

Spring Porch

This bike is no "spring chicken" but it definitely keeps getting better with age.

Spring Porch

All original parts on this baby!

I am sure there were many springtime memories made on this 'cycle!

Spring Porch

 This bike has earned some time relaxing on the porch....quietly enjoying another spring.
Spring Porch

Spring porch

Since we are still having chilly nights, Paula "planted" some hardy metal flowers for early spring. 

Spring Porch

They are early bloomers....

Spring Porch

Below is a close up of one of the mini watering cans dangling from a mini Shepard's hook.

More early bloomers!

Spring Porch

Wow cool chalkboard you are thinking. Check back for my next post when I will be featuring it.

Arrow Chalkboard

Below a sneaky peak from across the street.

 One of the many things I love about Paula's place are her carriage house garage doors. They are absolutely charming! Check them out in the photo below.

Blooming Trees
Thanks for having us over Paula!! We love your sweet Spring porch! 

Paula's place is so adorable and welcoming. Just the kind of home you want to visit!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Terrarium Tuesday

 Today was Terrarium Tuesday!

So my friend Andi had a few of us over for lunch and to make terrariums today!

She made a yummy Chinese Chicken Salad for us. You know it's tasty when everyone has seconds!

Andi invited us a few weeks ago so we all had plenty of time to gather our terrarium ingredients. It was fun to see what we each "brought to the table" for the project.

Yes these are funky cell phone photos, they are all I have

Andi picked up a super cool glass bowl at World Market to use for her terrarium. It has a concrete base.....darn it I didn't get a good picture to show the base of her bowl. The picture below is Andi's terrarium. She made great use of all her goodies!!

Next (in the photo below) is Darby's terrarium. She has had her terrarium container for awhile. I really wanted Darby's container after I saw it. Isn't this great??

In the photo below is Paula's planter. She had picked out a terrarium container similar to Darby's to use. Then as she was backing out of her garage to come to Andi's she spotted this cool vintage teapot a friend had given her years ago, and inspiration struck!! So her terrarium became a container. We all love how unique it is!!!

Hey I just noticed that you can see the concrete base of Andi's container in the upper right corner of the picture below!!

Lastly in the photo below is my "terrarium."  The idea to use a birdcage was inspired by a picture my sister sent me.  I love the way it turned out!!!

Thank you Andi, what a fun day it was!

I hope the dirt I spilled cleaned up OK..........

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flowering Shamrock

Cead Mile Failte!!!

 So it's March, time to get your green on,

If you are gonna go green...

and it's March...

A flowering Shamrock is the way to go.

 At a cost of $3.99 it's affordable too.

 Off subject, but in the picture above check out my cool "new to me" metal stool from Ebay. I love how "aged" it is.

Lots of little white blooms on my Shamrock.

These babies were flying off the shelf. Almost every customer in the store had one in their shopping cart.
 I am guessing that I am the only person to come home and photograph their Shamrock about a hundred times and then blog about it...

Our Shamrock feels like a celebrity.

So of course a post about Shamrocks needed an Irish Blessing or two.

Made those at PicMonkey. It is so easy to add fun text to your photos.

Then I went on a filter frenzy at PicMonkey.

PicMonkey can be addicting.

How do you celebrate March? A bit of corn beef and cabbage? Is there some green beer in your future? Leave a comment about your favorite March traditions.

Click here for a wee bit of Shamrock history.

Thank you for stopping by today, I appreciate your visit.

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