Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flowering Shamrock

Cead Mile Failte!!!

 So it's March, time to get your green on,

If you are gonna go green...

and it's March...

A flowering Shamrock is the way to go.

 At a cost of $3.99 it's affordable too.

 Off subject, but in the picture above check out my cool "new to me" metal stool from Ebay. I love how "aged" it is.

Lots of little white blooms on my Shamrock.

These babies were flying off the shelf. Almost every customer in the store had one in their shopping cart.
 I am guessing that I am the only person to come home and photograph their Shamrock about a hundred times and then blog about it...

Our Shamrock feels like a celebrity.

So of course a post about Shamrocks needed an Irish Blessing or two.

Made those at PicMonkey. It is so easy to add fun text to your photos.

Then I went on a filter frenzy at PicMonkey.

PicMonkey can be addicting.

How do you celebrate March? A bit of corn beef and cabbage? Is there some green beer in your future? Leave a comment about your favorite March traditions.

Click here for a wee bit of Shamrock history.

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