Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Purple and Gray Wedding Decor

Have you ever heard the joke that the only person who enjoys a wedding is the bride?
I know know, terrible joke and in the case of this wedding totally untrue! 
Our neighbors daughter let me "Pinterest" her wedding this summer so I am absolutely positive I enjoyed this wedding just as much as the bride (and everyone else) did!
Purple Gray Wedding
 I am still feeling the joy and fun of this special day. It really was a perfect wedding! This wedding was a true celebration of a loving couple, a loving family.
I feel privileged to have been a part of it.
Purple Gray Wedding
 The wedding and reception were held at Red Hawk Golf and Resort. An absolutely gorgeous setting!
 The ceremony was beautiful with the golf course in the background.
Check out the lovely reception room below. 
I loooove a cane-back chair at a nice event. It's all in the details!
Purple Gray Wedding
We decorated the mantle (photo below) with decor items from my living room.
The S & C are the bride and grooms initials. I draped some purple floral garland around the letters, but didn't get a picture of that, darn it!
Purple Gray Wedding

Purple Gray Wedding
Next up is the menu "window" I made. I die cut vinyl letters with my Silhouette Cameo. 
It was fun to pick out all the different fonts, I love the way this turned out.
The brides SIL came up with this great idea, and the window!
Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Letters
I propped the window up on my vintage metal stool from Ebay.
My husband no longer needs to wonder why I bought "some old stool"
 I told him it would come in handy someday.
Silhouette Cameo Vinyl letter
Below is a mini banner I made for the favors. 
I used ivory broadcloth for the banner.
The letters are black vinyl cut on my Silhouette Cameo.
Purple Gray Wedding
The favors were adorable clay magnets that the brides SIL made. They had a nature theme with leaves impressed in the clay. Ok Ok I didn't get a photo of the actual favors either....should of made a list. I printed and framed the phrase below to set next to the favors.
Purple Gray Wedding
Below are the Reserved for Family signs I printed for the two family tables.
Purple Gray Wedding
Below are the thoughtful thank you cards the bride had me print for each table, again it's all in the details.
I also punched out circles with the bride and grooms initials on them and adhered them to the bottom of Hershey's kisses, another cute detail.
Purple Gray Wedding
The bride had some favorite quotes she wanted to use at the wedding. 
She picked up these cute stands. I printed the quotes on vellum and placed gray paper in between the vellum so there was a quote on both sides..
Purple Gray Wedding

Purple Gray Wedding

Purple Gray Wedding
Below is a blurry picture.....of the lyrics of the song for their first dance that I printed and framed.
I love that the groom picked out this song, soooo romantic.
I teared up the whole time they were dancing.
Purple Gray Wedding
I got a couple sets of their initials to scatter around the room.
Purple Gray Wedding

Purple Gray Wedding
Below are the signs I made for the bridal shower, we set them out at the wedding, for a sweet smile.
Purple Gray Wedding
I also made a bunch of purple pinwheels, because really what's a party without some pinwheels?
Purple Gray Wedding
More home decor. We used flameless candles and set them with timers. Smart and easy.
Purple Gray Wedding
The please seat yourself sign I made, yes more black vinyl letters cut on the Silhouette cameo
Purple Gray Wedding
Next up are the purple flower balls I made. I used two Styrofoam balls and stuck a bunch of fake flowers into the balls. Then I set them on some silver candlesticks.
Purple Gray Wedding
I loved this gorgeous cake! So beautiful, simple and tasteful.
Wedding Cake
Not only was this cake beautiful to look at, it was delicious! 
Believe me when I say there wasn't even a crumb left.
Purple Gray Wedding Decor
Dee from Dee's Bakery deserves an ovation for this fabulous cake!
Purple Wedding Decor

Purple Gray Wedding
I love these lighted wine bottles that were a gift for the bride. 
Purple Gray Wedding
They were the perfect addition to the gift table.
Lighted Wine Bottles DIY
Check out the etching on the bottles, what a pretty detail.
Etched Wine Bottles
Surprise another blurry picture, and I hadn't even had a cocktail at this point!
Another mini banner for the card container. I used a decorative birdcage to put the cards in.
Purple Gray Wedding
Below is a gift banner I made....yes gray vinyl letters cut with my Silhouette Cameo.
We used this banner at the bridal shower too.
Wedding Banners
Check out the totally cool LOVE shelf the brides father made.
I love these!
The decorating possibilities are endless with these shelves.
We decided to go simple and let the shelves "speak" for themselves.
Purple Gray Wedding

Purple Gray Wedding

Handmade Wedding
Above and below are photos of some personalized cards I made for the bride to give to her bridesmaids. I love these pearl initial stickers.
Below are the Mr. and Mrs. signs I made. Black vinyl letters cut on the Silhouette Cameo again.
I used some pre-cut wood plaques that I picked up at the local craft store.
The signs said bride and groom on the other side...another missed picture.
Purple Gray Wedding

Red Hawk Golf and Resort
I took all my pictures early in the day before the festivities started.
They hired professional photographer Lauren Lindley, to capture the day.
You definitely want to click here to see Lauren's photos of the wedding.
Beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous wedding pictures! 
Lauren photographs a lot of weddings at Lake Tahoe, make sure to sign up and follow her blog so you can see her work.
Or check out her Facebook page.

You will also want to visit Dee at Dee's Bakery she made the beautiful and delicious wedding cake, follow her on Facebook
Dee's work is so creative you don't want to miss it.

Thank you for visiting today, wasn't it a great wedding? 
I had a great time, I told you I enjoyed it as much as the bride did!!!

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