Thursday, January 23, 2014

Personalized Guy Gifts

I love making cards for birthdays. All my girlfriends love getting a handmade card. I really feel like they appreciate the effort I make.

But let's be honest most guys could care less about receiving one of my cute crafty cards or projects. Guys don't really care if it's "Pinterest" worthy.

But it's my baby boy's 25th birthday this month. I know, how can that be true???

Personalized Cards for Guys
I really wanted to make him something that would be special to him.

One of my son's "passions" is classic cars. So I knew my theme. A vintage Mustang is one of his favorite cars..

Vintage Mustang
Too make this fun project I first printed two copies of the Mustang picture. I printed the pictures 5" x 7" since that was the size frame I was using.
Personalized Cards for Guys
 With my Silhouette Cameo I cut my son's name out of one of the pictures. With the Silhouette I again cut his name out of plain white cardstock three more times and glued them all together with the "picture letter " ending up on top of each letter. I then had thick sturdy letters to use.
Vintage Mustang
In the photo above you can see how I edged each letter with a black Sharpie felt pen. I used double stick foam tape to adhere the letters of his name to the second printed photo of the vintage mustang. The foam tape really pops the letter up.
Vintage Mustang
To make the card (above) I used the first printed picture that I had originally cut his name out of for the card front. I guess you could call that piece the negative die cut. I put a piece of black scrapbook paper behind where his name was cut out.
Vintage Mustang
To go with the whole vintage look of the project I added black corner tabs to the card

Below is another framed personalized gift I made for a young man celebrating his 16th birthday this year. He is a great kid,one of our youngest sons best friends. I didn't say BFF cause guys don't care for that description, kinda like how they don't care for crafty cards.
For this one I went to Google, searching Google images for sports cars. This must be a fantasy car but it looked sleek, fancy and expensive so I picked it.
I used the same techniques for this one as I did on Jesse's Mustang project.
I printed Happy Birthday on Justin's card.
I hope the guys like their personalized framed pictures and cards. I still feel like I "made" them something, but not something to "crafty" you know what I mean? I wanted to make something special for these milestone birthdays. Plus both of them are pretty special guys, they deserve something as unique and cool as they are!

If your looking for a some inspiration for a guy gift, here you are. You can adapt this idea to pretty much any picture to make a special personalized gift for anyone. Leave me a comment and let me know if you think I accomplished making a "cool guy card".

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Love U Banner

Thank you so much to the ladies at Ivy & Elephants for featuring my banner at their What's It Wednesday Link Up Party!! I am so flattered! Click on the box below to visit their classy blog. Always something fun at Ivy and Elephants!!

Ivy and Elephants

And in the blink of an eye it's time for Valentine's.

Shabby Chic Banner
 I don't usually decorate for Valentine's Day but I had this idea for a winter white Valentine's banner.

Shabby Chic
  I tore some pages from an old paperback book and printed LOVE U on the pages. I used a bold font for LOVE and a thin curly font for the U.
Shabby Chic
I trimmed the paper into a pendant shape. Next I crimped some ivory colored paper for the second layer of the banner.

Love U Valentine Banner

 I used burlap for the back layer of the banner. I frayed the edges of the burlap for a bit of texture.

Love U Valentine Banner
I made paper grommets to reinforce the holes that I threaded the twine through.

Shabby Chic Banner

Love U Valentine Banner

 I attached some trim with my glue gun. I think the light frilly trim gives it a shabby chic look.

Love U Valentine Banner
 In the photo above I made a flower out of the trim and added a rhinestone to the middle of it. I used my glue gun to attach the flower to the center of the "O".

Shabby Chic Banner

Shabby Chic Banner

  In the photo above you can see one of the fence board boxes my husband made. I cut the hinges out of black paper on my Silhouette machine. I love they way they turned out. I poked some brass brads through the hinges hoping to make them look more like real hinges.

Shabby Chic Banner
I think this banner is great for Valentine's Day and it would also work as a wedding decoration too. It was an inexpensive project too, I put the whole thing together for under $7.

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Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Or prefer to keep it simple after the crazy holidays? Leave me a comment I would love to hear from you!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter White Coffee Table Decor

So the holidays have come and gone and the decorations are all packed away. The living room feels a bit empty, but it also feels clean!! I am literally starting the year with a clean slate, well in the living room at least.

For my first project of 2014 I pulled out the fence board box my husband made last fall. Actually he made three for me and a couple for a friend of mine. I probably made him meatloaf for dinner that night. When negotiating a favor with him, there is almost always meatloaf involved.

I wanted to change the box up a bit for the new year so I decided to stencil something on it. Keeping with the french country decor that I wish I had, I googled "florist shop in Paris" and L'Arrosoir came up. So L'Arrosoir it was!

 I also added a "bin pull handle" (I googled that too) to both ends of the box.

On one side I laid a rusty metal garland around the base of the box. I got the garland at Real Deals last fall. I love how each loop is crimped.

I painted and sanded the board that the box is setting on several times, trying to achieve a weathered winter white look.

I am really liking my little bit of winter white decor.

Below is a picture of the box last fall.

Below is a picture of a box that I painted for Christmas.

The next two pictures are of the actual L'Arrosoir floral shop in Paris.

 Do you have some winter white decor going on at you home, or are you enjoying a clean slate for the new year? Leave me comment about your favorite January decor, or if you have ever been to L'Arrosoir for sure let me know. I love hearing from you!

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Happy New Year! 

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