Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wheelbarrow Full of Flowers

Do you have a wheelbarrow?
 Is it full of flowers?
 OK that was a silly question, unless you're me. 
As you can see my wheelbarrow is full of flowers.
 And they are thriving, happy flowers!
 I filled this baby up with purple petunias, white alyssum, creeping Jenny and lavender.
Believe it or not this rusty ol' girl has no drainage. 
So I only water every three days or so. 
Unless our temps go over 100 degrees then I water her every other day.
 Below are some pictures from last fall.
 I filled the wheelbarrow up with pumpkins and autumn leaves.

 This wheelbarrow has been in my husbands family for decades... probably longer than my husband has been around.
 It was my father in laws and he gave it to us many many many moons ago.
I am positive that I am the first person in the family to plant flowers in this wheelbarrow!
It's all Pinterest's fault! You see these great ideas, next thing you know you are doing them!
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Purple/Gray Bridal Shower

Do you have a wedding board on Pinterest?
Do you dream of planning a wedding with all the clever ideas you see on Pinterest?
 Well dreams do come true!
When our neighbors daughter got engaged last October a dream came true for both of us.
A wedding for her, a Pinterest fantasy for me!
We were all madly pinning away on our wedding boards, here are some of the fun things we made for the bridal shower

Stephanie picked purple and gray for her color scheme. A nice elegant mix of colors.
 I made a lot of tissue globes, they add such a festive vibe to any party.
 Pinwheels made from scrapbook papers put a smile on everyone's face. Just pop them in a jar with some burlap and ribbon and they make a bouquet!
Stephanie has a Pinterest board of quotes that she loves, so I printed and framed a few quotes for the shower.
 I made a few banners too, love love love celebrating the bride to be!
 I cut the vinyl letters for the banners on my Silhouette Cameo. So easy and convenient.
The banner in the picture below says "From Miss to Mrs" I gave up trying to get a good photo of it.
 The purple heart banner below is super easy to staple together but still has a lot of impact.
 These cute He asked, She said about damn time, signs were a big hit with everyone, especially the bride! After 8 years together I think we all had the same thought!
 Next up are the fun games that Amy, the matron of honor, organized for the shower.
Amy put different spices in each of the containers below, with a bit of tulle on top. Then we passed them around and tried to guess them. Lots of spicy conversation followed!
 For the next game we all had a picture of Stephanie and Codey on a popsicle stick. Then Amy read a statement and we had to guess who said it. Lots of laughter and love!!!
 OK now on to the important stuff...the food! Amy did most of the food including these amazing fruit kabobs! My favorite was the watermelon salsa! YUMMY!!!

 Having a healthy lunch menu opened the door for everyone to enjoy the desserts!
 Speaking of dessert....when I saw the purple frosting at the grocery store, I knew cupcakes were in my future.
I am pretty sure that I don't have a future in cupcake decorating...but I am an excellent taster!!
Stephanie's good friend Jen brought the cake. We all loved the simplistic design on the cake.
 And of course how delicious it was too!
 See here we are all gathered around the dessert table! 
Love is sweet grab a treat!
 The cute little dessert table.
 Now I want to talk about some super yummy treats in the picture below that Stephanie's sister in law Leta brought. 
Chocolate covered Oreos!! Oh my goodness are they gorgeous or what???
We all mentioned that they were way to pretty to eat...but they were so delicious we couldn't stop ourselves!
 These fun treats are from an Etsy shop called LollisSweetandTreats. They also made the purple hearts below...more yummy chocolate! Everything was tasty and packaged so pretty!
 It was nice to be able to take a treat home for later. Yes I did share some with my hubby! 
Hey it was a day all about love!
 If you are looking for some sweet treats for an upcoming function, LollisSweetsandTreats have what you need! This mother daughter team have lots of fun treats for any event.
I plan on ordering some of the Daisy chocolates and the Bumble Bee Chocolates for my end of the summer luncheon coming up this month.
I love these fun candies, they really add a special touch, that show you really care about your guests!
And of course it's always fun to take a treat home, especially one that is packaged so pretty!!
(Click on the photo above to visit LollisSweetsandTreats)
 This shower was full of sweetness and love.
 Check out those happy faces in the photo can see all the love for Stephanie, we all had a wonderful time!!! It was heartwarming to see all of Stephanie's family and friends come together to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.
Not to mention all the funny stories that were know how it is when a bunch of women get together....lots of talk about "curling irons"... still laughing over some of the memories!!
Thank you Stephanie for including me during this special time, I had a blast!
Love you and all your family so much, so very thankful for all of our wonderful neighbors!!

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All the paper products for the shower were purchased at Paper Daisies
Click here to visit LollisSweetandTreats shop on Etsy 
Click here to visit my "For the Wedding" board on Pinterest
Click here to visit Stephanie's Love quotes board on Pinterest.

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