Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wheelbarrow Full of Flowers

Do you have a wheelbarrow?
 Is it full of flowers?
 OK that was a silly question, unless you're me. 
As you can see my wheelbarrow is full of flowers.
 And they are thriving, happy flowers!
 I filled this baby up with purple petunias, white alyssum, creeping Jenny and lavender.
Believe it or not this rusty ol' girl has no drainage. 
So I only water every three days or so. 
Unless our temps go over 100 degrees then I water her every other day.
 Below are some pictures from last fall.
 I filled the wheelbarrow up with pumpkins and autumn leaves.

 This wheelbarrow has been in my husbands family for decades... probably longer than my husband has been around.
 It was my father in laws and he gave it to us many many many moons ago.
I am positive that I am the first person in the family to plant flowers in this wheelbarrow!
It's all Pinterest's fault! You see these great ideas, next thing you know you are doing them!
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  1. Beautiful! Sadly, I don't have a wheelbarrow. But now I want one really bad. ;)


  2. Oh, this is so pretty! I love the flowers and the fall decor. I don't have a wheelbarrow, but I do have a goat cart that holds various decor, and I so enjoy it!


    Sheila :-)

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