Friday, July 13, 2012

Bloom Banner

  Welcome paper lovers today I have tons of pictures to show you, still working on my banner photo skills! The second I saw this paper at Paper Daisies I knew I wanted to make a Bloom banner with it. I hope the photos capture the bright colors.
Here is the banner hanging under the wisteria and outdoor nite lights.Even though this banner is made of paper, I will probably leave it outside most of the time. I love having it out there with all my blooming flowers in the backyard. I want to enjoy it every sunny day of summer!!
   A couple of close-ups.
   First I cut a large elongated triangle for each panel. I used a decorative punch for the green edging on the sides of the triangle, I used the same punch for the fuchsia trim on the pinwheel. Once again I made the pinwheel with my Martha Stewart score board. I attached the fuchsia edging before I scored the strip of paper for the pinwheel. I cut the letters with the Silhouette die cut machine, the flowers are Silhouette die cuts too. All the ribbon and paper for this project was purchased at Paper Daisies.
   I love the green rolled roses trim at the top of the paper. It adds a great texture to the banner.
   Love these colors, perfect for my summer garden.
  A few blooms from the flower cutting garden.
I am getting so much use of this turquoise vase, love the shape and color of it.
   Below some more blooms in this great plant hanger from the Old Stone House, that my son and husband got for me for this past Mother's day.

Now for some more cards. I found these cards almost finished and decided to put them together for a friend. She will be moving into a new home soon and I thought she could use them to announce her new address.
  These were from a class I did many years ago, not sure of the paper source. I did use my Cricut to cut all the die cuts.
   Here is a shot of the inside of the card, with a cute house.
 Below a picture of the back of the cards. I like to cover the back of my cards just to give them that little extra touch.
Just a few more pics, below are a couple of tags we made in a class at Paper Daisies the other night. They are Tim Holtz style Christmas tags. Can't get enough Of Tim Holtz stuff and his style.
  Wendy taught this class, she had everything cut and ready for us. I signed up for another Christmas class she has scheduled this next week (Night Before Christmas mini album). I love getting together with the ladies and making something cute!

  A quick picture of Dexter posing for me after his visit to the groomer today. He is so soft and a stuffed toy... that chews!!! Thank you for stopping by, please leave a comment I would love to hear from you!  Have a great day, Lori


  1. We need to talk banners! I love this one, start figuring out how much you want to charge for your banners because I will be ordering a couple...
    This one for sure!

  2. Love the banner! Such pretty colors, you have such a knack for color coordination.