Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Grammy Tree

  Welcome paper lovers, another holiday decorating post today. One of my favorite traditions of the Christmas season is decorating the Grammy tree. When my sister and I were just beginning to build our families, my Mom (Grammy) suggested we start a tradition of drawing names and making the person an ornament. I have so many really "creative" ornaments from my family that I absolutely  cherish. I don't know what means the most to me the memories of making the ornaments, the stories behind each one or the ornament itself. Good thing I don't have to choose.
  Every year my Mom also makes my kids an ornament that has something to do with an interest of theirs. Each ornament is so special to me that many years ago we decided we needed a Grammy tree to showcase and celebrate each decoration. Every year when I hang each decoration she has made on the Grammy tree, I can feel my Mom's love for us. It's the best way to start off the Christmas season.

This sweet little rocking horse and Teddy Bear started off the collection.
  As much as I would like to tell the story behind each ornament, it would make for a fairly long post!! Instead I will let the pictures tell the stories.

  Below are some Christmas Kleenex boxes Grammy made.
  The decoration in the above photo is 23 years old, my sweet baby boy. Christmas is all about family for me, something my Mom has passed on to me and I hope I passed on to my boys.
  Below is the Night Before Christmas book from when my sister and I were kids. I love that my Mom saved this. I can remember my parents reading it to me, making sure I didn't tear the pages, and then reading it to my loveybugs when they were little. And yes the picture is blurry, just noticed that! Oops.

  The Nativity scene my parents got for me.....I guess I dropped enough hints about wanting it that year!
  The rocking horse my parents got for us, just happens to be a favorite : ) of mine.
  And there is a shot of the Grammy tree. My most favorite Christmas decoration in the world!! Thank you for indulging me. I love sharing the Grammy tree!!

  Here is Bella Grammy's baby and Dexter's partner in crime. Grammy doesn't craft as much now that she is 79, but we stay busy taking our canine babies to the doggie park. I am so thankful we live close and have this time together. Grammy, Pookie (my sister) and I are busy planning our Christmas menu, cooking for loved ones is another favorite pastime we share. Oh and eating we love doing that together too!!
  Thank you for stopping by, I would love to hear your favorite family holiday traditions, please leave a comment. Have a great day, Lori


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories!

  2. Love seeing all of those decorations ; we do have some great memories! !