Friday, April 5, 2013

Paris Scrapbook

How fabulous does a trip to Paris, France in the spring sound? Can you imagine the photo opportunities? Well it is a dream come true for my nephew and his girlfriend. They are exploring the city of lights as I type this.
My sister Julie (Pookie) David's Mom, wanted to make sure they had a "fabulous" scrapbook to display their pictures of their travels. Well all I can say is she reached her goal!!! You are in for a treat visitors as I share this lovely scrapbook my sister made.
Isn't this stand perfect? The pages flip up and over, so easy to check out each one. Any page can be the cover. David and Dana can display this on a shelf or the coffee table. All their memories right at their fingertips.
(Click on any picture to enlarge)
My sister Julie (Pookie) (Marvins other and oldest daughter) yes she is my older sister, put so much incredible detail into this scrapbook!! She stamped, inked edges, punched borders added stickers and personalized almost every page. There are pockets to stash tickets, brochures and extra photos throughout the scrapbook. I guess with age comes an eye for detail!!
This is truly a treasure, made with love.
I love the graphics on this paper. It is perfect for a trip.
A London page below, for their layover.
I love this page below!! I love everything about it, mostly the mix of colors!! Pookie still has more pages to make so you can look forward to a follow up post. With more close up photos I promise!!
Pookie my (oldest and only) sister is always saying I am the creative (younger) sister...I say I am just following in HER footsteps!! Leave her a comment below and let her know how special this album is!!
Thank you for stopping by, have a great day, Lori
Disclaimer (No feelings were hurt by the age jokes in this post. My sister always says "with age comes wisdom".....)

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  1. Such a great way to display memorable photos! Julie did a beautiful job!

  2. Thank you Wendy, I think Pookie did a fabulous job!!

  3. Wow! How pretty! I love looking at sb projects! You are very detail oriented!

  4. It has been my life long dream to visit paris one day. What a lucky couple. I love the scrapbook cover!

  5. Love this scrap book! My boyfriend just proposed to me in Paris last August! I blogged about our entire trip, if you visit my blog its under August 2012. My fiance hired a photographer in Paris to put a lock on a bridge with our names on it and throw the key into the Seine River and had a photo album of it at our wedding! Paris is SO romantic!

  6. Thank you Amy!! I appreciate you stopping by!! Happy Spring, Lori

  7. Thank you Diana!! I appreciate you stopping By!! Happy Spring, Lori

  8. Thank you for stopping by Elise!! I would love to go to Paris someday too!! They are a very lucky couple! Happy Spring, Lori

  9. Thank you Carrie! I did go to your blog and what a fabulous trip you had!! Congrats on the engagement!!! Thank you for stopping by!! Happy Spring, Lori

  10. Love the stand. Where can I purchase one of these?