Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How My Sister Would Embellish a Plant Container

So I have this metal plant container that shall we say... has seen better days.

 As you can see in the photo below I can now call it vintage!
 This container has been part of my backyard flower groupings for 20 years now. (I made sure I got my moneys worth with this!!)
I thought about letting it go this spring, but instead adopted the attitude that the rusty hole at the bottom of the container, just made for better drainage.
The petunias must agree they are pretty happy in their vintage, shabby chic home.
Everyday when I would water the petunias, I would think this container needs some jazzing up! I didn't feel like painting it with the flowers already growing in it. Although I will definitely be painting it before next summer. So for now I decided to embellish it. All the usual embellishments went through my mind, rhinestones, ribbon, lace, tiles and then the obvious hit me...numbers!! You know the big number trend you see on dressers and cabinets all over Pinterest.
Now I just had to choose which numbers to go with. I will admit I like 3 and 7. But because of the circumference of the container the 3 and 7 together would have looked a bit odd since they wouldn't have laid flat. As I stood there in the aisle at Home Depot trying to choose a number, I could hear my sister say "how about #16?" pausing here for a second to let all the people that love my sister have a good laugh.....
 My sister loves Joe Montana who played decades years ago for the SF 49er's. Joe wore #16 when he played for the Niners back in the day. I knew it was the right number for this vintage container.
Below are two pictures from last summer with some alyssum growing in the container.

Back to this summer, the petunias are happy, my sister is happy,
Joe sure looks happy!!
Also my youngest son is turning 16 in a few weeks so I am really feeling like the number 16 was the right choice!!
And that is how my sister would embellish a plant container!!
Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! Lori

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  1. LOVE THIS! You are awesome!!!!

  2. That alyssum was awesome! The petunias are rockin too...I'm horrible about growing flowers in containers! Love the "vintage" container!


  3. Love the planters and adding the 16 is such a cool idea. It looks perfect, and wow, wish my plants would look that good. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hey Lori loved all the pictures of your flowers. Yes #16 was a wonderful choice to decorate your "vintage" metal container. Looks great as do your flowers and last years flowers. Your have a terrific green I think ALL your fingers are green!

  5. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for finding me now I have found you. Your flowers are so pretty. Love the vintage containers.

  6. The container is just perfect for these bright pops of color and the numbers just set it off devinely!

  7. Love the petunias Lori and the planter is perfect with numbers! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!