Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY Greeting Card File

Do you like getting a greeting card in the mail?

 When was the last time you received a card in the mail?
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
 I bet it made you smile.
 I bet all day long you thought about the person who took the time to send you a card.
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
 Are you thinking about some people you could be sending a card to?
Everybody likes to be thought of.
Everybody likes to know you care.
Everybody likes a card in the mail.
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
 Today I have a greeting card file to share with you!
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
 A great place to store some cards. 
Go ahead run over to the greeting card aisle at your favorite store and pick up a selection of cards.
Get cards for all occasions.
It's OK to be prepared.
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
Then file those cards away.
 Forget a birthday, no problem you're ready with a card
Here is a shocker
 I am a card maker...I confess.
I can quickly whip up a personalized card for pretty much any occasion.
But I love to send funny cards to people too, so I buy cards all the time.
 Card humor is an art in itself.
Inspired by MacKenzie - Childs
 I think everyone likes it when you send them a smile.
Inspired by MacKenzie - Childs
 I am fortunate to have girlfriends that love to send cards too.
Guess who the card files are for?
Inspired by MacKenzie - Childs
 Yup these are for some thoughtful ladies!
Inspired ny Mackenzie - Childs
 Are you surprised that I made these from cereal boxes?
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
 I was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest.
They didn't make theirs with a cereal box though
I just assumed they did, and made mine.
Then I read the instructions and well there is actually a box you can buy and just cover with paper.
So now you have the option of buying one or making one.
Full service here at MarvinsDaughters!
(Links at the bottom of post)
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
I made paper flowers for two of the boxes and used leaves from some silk flowers that I had.
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
 For the box below I used some mini 3D sunflower stickers. 
You could use silk flowers too, just glue gun them on!
Inspired by MacKenzie - Childs
 Pop a button in the middle of the paper flowers for a cute center.
I use a dot of hot glue to anchor the buttons.
Inspired by Mary Engelbreit
So here is a real bare bones picture tutorial:
You will need a cereal box.
 I just laid my ruler straight across the top of the box, then I drew a line around the whole box.
Next I cut around the whole box on the line.
I didn't want the box to tall, I wanted it more like a standing paper file.
  I measured and drew a line four inches from the top of the box, all the way across the front of the box.
I drew an angled line on each side of the box.
See photo below.
 I cut on the green lines.
Below is what you should have at this point.
Next I covered the box in black paper.
 You can use ANY color paper you want.
 I did black because of the color scheme I was using.
 I overlapped the black paper to cover all my edges.
Didn't want any "crunchies" showing thru....
 I did the inside of the box last, so everything looked nice and neat!
Yes that is a blurry are not asleep.
I think these would be a great teacher appreciation gift or a unique gift for a graduate, just fill it with some greeting cards and throw in some postage stamps too.
And you know with Mother's Day soon, a Mom might like one too... 
Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate your visit!
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Click here to see the box that inspired me. It's pretty cute!!
Click here for the box you can purchase and decorate yourself.


  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Lori, Thanks so much for coming by!
    Your greeting card file boxes are so pretty! They remind me of a Mary Engelbreit design :0)
    So bright and cheery! Great tutorial, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. These are so cute!! Love the bright colors! I will admit to you that I am a card maker as well!! I don't blog about it, often thought about adding them to my blog but just don't have the time right now to do more posts! I am glad you posted this though, I will have to try one!! thanks so much!

  3. What a great craft, love this idea and I love the checks and dots too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  4. Hi Lori, so very cute. We still have to get together with Paula, Darby and Andi and make these at Paper Daisies........don't you think.

  5. These are SOOOO adorable! This is one f the most elegant crafts EVER!!
    Beautiful, perfect gifts.