Sunday, June 3, 2012

Checker Duck Tape

    Hey paper lovers today I have some decorating ideas using.....checker duck tape!!
  These photos are of my dear friend Paula's house. A more cheerful home you will not find!!! Her decor is amazingly unique, and today I am going to highlight her original use of checker duck tape. Check out the above photo where she framed the entry to her kitchen with the tape. In the photo below the closet door got the tape treatment.
Below edging up the fireplace mantle is more tape and she jazzed up the candles with some checkered paper and ribbon. (hey I did get some paper ideas into this post!)

 Checker book bindings add clever detail.
 Even the frig gets some new life!!
 The planter gets a new 'tude with some tape to edge the top of it. Who would have thought that duck tape could add so much to an already detailed decor.
Now in the photos below we will switch to some checker fabric decor. Paula's sister Darby shared some love by making a new tablecloth with a checker top layer. What a gorgeous inviting table!!
 Every girl needs a ruffled apron too.....could it be any cuter?
 More love from Darby, this ruffled lampshade below is absolutely adorable!!! I hope my picture does it justice!
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 I am sure you can find this duck tape at several different stores, Paula purchased hers at

A quick couple of pictures of my new flower box my husband......finally built for me!!! I love it even more after waiting for it!
 I think the pansies love it too!
A huge thank you to Paula for so graciously opening up her home to me. Isn't this one of the most cheerful homes you have ever seen? I love visiting her, it seems like I find something new every time I am over. She also has some unbelievable window treatments that I intend to blog about soon. Check out the very first picture at the top of the blog, you can see her kitchen window, see, that's a pretty fabulous window treatment! Thank you so much for stopping by, please leave a comment I would love to hear from you!   Have a great day, Lori

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  1. Awesome photos and such a terrific house! I could spend all day looking at all of the treasures there! Such talent by all!