Sunday, June 24, 2012

Garden Globe

   Hello paper lovers here I am with another post, this time I want to share my outdoor craft. Concrete Garden Delights. I always say I need another hobby about as much as I need a hole in my head but I just can't seem to stop myself. In the spring of 2011 I wanted a concrete garden bench so the search began, not finding one that I liked or could afford I turned to the Internet and found quite a few bench molds to make one. I purchased  a bench and leg molds from History Stones a company based in Washington state. After making a few for myself and my sister (Marvin's other daughter : ) I listed some on Craigslist and now my benches are scattered all over town. Some of my more notable sales were 5 benches to greet members at the local Lion's club and a family from Grass Valley that bought 8 benches in Sept. 2011 to finish off their new patio. The most meaningful sales were to my friends who had me make benches for loved ones!! Of course one concrete product led to another and soon I had molds for a planter, decorative stepping stones and molds for 2 different size globes. I have molds for a 12" globe and a 7" globe. Below is the 7".  

I have painted some of the globes I've made, but I really wanted to cover one with tiles.So off to Home Depot I went, I picked up these small square tiles for this project.

  I kinda winged it on the tile design but I like the way it turned out. I glue gunned the tiles on the concrete globe first, then I applied the grout. I know a glue gun is not used in traditional tile work but it worked great for this project holding the tiles in place on a round surface. I made this for a dear childhood friend who came to visit me, she shares my absolute love of all crafty projects! Check out her crafty business Finish Your Crafts 
In the photo below the globe is on a plant stand.

Even though you can still see a bit of grout on the tiles I posted this close up anyway. : )

    I am going to get to work on another one today, I want to make one for me to keep, one for my sister and some for friends. I am full of ideas to make each one unique and special just like all the people I love. Now if I can just find the tiles and colors I am imagining.
Below are the molds I use. I brush some vegetable oil in the molds to act as a release agent. Then just pour in the concrete.

             In the photo below is a black bench I made earlier this year. A family near Topaz lake bought this one to use as a memorial bench in honor of a loved one.
Below the newest bench in my collection : ) is this Terra Cotta colored bench. Definitely one of my favorites. I use a liquid concrete dye from Lowe's that you mix with water then pour into the cement. It does take a bit of extra mixing up to make sure the color is even throughout.
Of course I have a few stepping stone molds, everyone needs well rounded garden decor . This extra large butterfly is my favorite. Check out my other garden delights at ConcreteBenches
  Now for something yummy and let me just say these were really yummy!!!!! I saw this recipe on Pinterest and knew I would be eating one soon : )!! I love going to the local farmers market, I knew I would find some sweet blackberries there for this recipe of Old fashioned blackberry pudding and I did. This yummy concoction is from and I used her suggestion of making them in glass cups. They looked as good as they tasted. Next time I will use less batter on top, to make room for a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream.
A sprinkle of powder sugar on top and we were ready to dig in. These were easy to make and fun to eat, great for entertaining, good presentation.

And one quick photo of Dexter our puppy saying come on!! let's go for our morning walk!!! What's a picture anyway???? He really is giving me the glare in this photo.
   I have lots of paper projects in the works. I will get back on track with my paper crafts, I just wanted to share my outdoor hobby. I always have the urge to create...indoors and out!! Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please leave a comment I would love to hear from you!    
 Have a great day, Lori