Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Go Giants!!! One of a Kind Cousin and Hat

  Hello paper lovers, I know you must be thinking I have the wrong blog!!  I just wanted to say Congrats to the Giants on their awesome playoff series!!!  Love seeing my favorite team go all the way to the World Series!!! Let's finish it in four boys!!!                                

Just wanted to show off my cousins custom made Giants Fireman Hat, is this cool or what??? Love it!! Go Giants!!!!

   Thank you for indulging me and enjoy the game!!!

Go Giants!!!

Check out the baseball studs in the photo below. My cousin and his oldest son in their totally cool hats!!

One of a kind!!

Love you Jerry, love the hat and most definitely we love the Giants!


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  1. Thank you Lori (cuz). My boys and I are big GIANTS fans and were planning on going to the playoffs this season!! The San Francisco GIANTS have a firefighter appreciation day, in which they pay tribute to all firefighters during the game, we are treated to a very special pregame party and celebration, we get a discount on our seats. So I built this helmet to show support for the Giants and to show my support to my fellow firefighters. All three of my boys are firefighters, and I'm so very proud of them. But my oldest was the only one that could make the game with me, and we had a blast. We now make it an annual event to go to.