Friday, September 20, 2013

Edible Flowers

Have you ever eaten an edible flower?
Are you the first to give new things a try?
Or a bit wary, letting someone else be the guinea pig?
This past spring I threw some Nasturtium seeds in the flower garden. To be honest at the time I didn't know that they are edible.
Luckily all my friends did!
OK I was a bit wary to give them a gobble.
So all summer I enjoyed the bright blooms and the cool lily pad looking leaves.
  With these last blooms of the season, I thought I would celebrate with a cupcake.
 And the edible flowers.
 Let's be honest.....the flowers are pretty,
 but it's the sugary frosting we are all dreaming about!!!!
And that is what I ate, the frosting. I tried the flower but it just tasted like a flower!!! The frosting tasted like frosting, can you blame me? Actually I shared half with the hubby, but only because he was standing there waiting for me to eat the flower, which he didn't ask to share by the way. Not like the cupcake which he said, now we are sharing that, right?
Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day, Lori

For more info on Nasturtiums click here and here.


  1. Such pretty flowers but not sure I would even taste them since I'm so bland!!!

  2. You are not bland, now your taste buds.....

  3. These are so very pretty! I would love a bite!
    Warm Hugs,

  4. I love nasturtiums! Well, looking at them...not eating them. I didn't know you could eat them, but I have a friend who pretty much knows everything about plants and flowers and I'll bet she knew! Your cupcakes are sooooo pretty!!!


  5. I don't care how they taste, they're BEAUTIFUL !!
    I'll eat the frosting and save the flowers LOL

  6. Lovely photos and a fun post! :)
    I've never eaten one though I have eaten what we called "sour grass" when I was little....some sort of weed with little yellow flowers which is actually pretty good! :)

  7. Thanks Andi, yeah I will probably stick to admiring them too!!

  8. I am with you Winnie!! Frosting first!! Thanks for visiting!