Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Happy Fall Y'All Pumpkin

Do you savor each day of fall?
Does it feel like the days just fly by and soon it will be Christmas?
Errr that's a jarring thought!!
 Best to be in the moment.
Happy Fall Y'All!!!
I made this happy lil' guy about 15 years ago. Wow! Time sure does fly by. I know I saw him in a magazine but I can't remember what magazine it was. So I am sorry I can't give credit to the original designer.
He's a bit faded...but overall he has held up over the years.

His head is made of muslin. Stitched and stuffed. I drew his face on with a black Sharpie marker. I used some rouge on his cheeks and nose. His hair is spanish moss topped off with a straw hat from the dollar store. He is sporting a raffia bow tie, that's a sign of the times!
I painted the letters on the sign first with white paint then black so that the wording would stand out.
Check out the "dot font" I used that font for everything back then, it was so forgiving.
I used the glue gun to attach an old pair of garden gloves to the sign for his hands, and tucked some leaves in them. The sign has a three inch nail through the middle that sticks out the back so I can easily stick it to the pumpkin. Yes pun intended.

I cut his feet(above photo)out of some scraps of pine and painted them black, then sanded the edges. I curled up some wire for the legs, hooking one end to the shoes and poking the other end of the wire into the pumpkin.
 Each piece can be removed and re-used year after year or rather decade after decade.
Collage I love this happy guy and I always assemble him with the first pumpkin of the year. I know I could use a fake pumpkin for his body but I like going old school and using a real pumpkin, he deserves it!
I hope you are enjoying, savoring and having a happy fall.
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  1. He sure is cute! The pictures are awesome!

  2. What an adorable pumpkin!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  3. Thank you Tina! I appreciate you stopping by for a visit!

  4. So cute!! And I love your mums. I have mum envy. I've never had one...can you believe that!?!?

  5. Thanks Andi, I love mums too. I got these at Costco this year. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. How cute and such a creative and clever idea. . Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Thank you Marty and thank you for stopping by!

  8. Love that little pumpkin man! So cute! Thanks for linking up to the "Get Your DIY On" link up party! Come on back on Sunday for our burlap challenge!