Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Outdoor Decor

Would you like to see my fall outdoor decor?
Sure go ahead take a peek at my yard.
I decorated just for you.
Vintage Wheelbarrow
Do you remember my friend Paula's wheelbarrow, in the picture below?
She bought her wheelbarrow at a really cute store called The Freckled Frog in Reno NV. I love it and I wanted one too. $Lucky for me we already have an old "vintage" wheelbarrow. Not only is our wheelbarrow aged to perfection, it has a cool family history because it was my father-in-laws wheelbarrow. I am sure it never occurred to him to decorate his wheelbarrow. I am also sure he wouldn't be the least bit surprised that I thought to decorate it!
Vintage Wheelbarrow
I love these wood handles, this wheelbarrow has earned its keep!

Vintage Wheelbarrow

Vintage Wheelbarow
                                 Apparently our scarecrow has access to strawberry jelly. 
I made this cute wood ghost many years ago. I love to do wood crafts.....I really, really, really dislike sawdust though.
 Below is the Happy Fall Y'All Scarecrow Pumpkin I blogged about recently. He is front and center in the yard. He is our fall mascot.
Pumpkin Scarecrow
The pumpkin patch sign below is another one of my wood creations from days gone by.

Below is a shot of our bench and planter from my concrete bench making phase. I love all the detail on both of them and they are aging perfectly. I am one of those people who says hey I can make that! My husband loves that about me wishes I would just buy the stuff at the store when I see it. On a side note, I mixed the concrete for the bench and the planter in the wheelbarrow.
Concrete Bench and Planter
Here is a shot of the mailbox. I love our magnetic Welcome mailbox cover that our super nice neighbors gave us!
I love watching the leaves on our tree change each day. The color is fabulous!
Check out these cute ghosts our other great neighbor made us. Aren't they adorable? We are so blessed with such considerate and thoughtful neighbors!

Here is the view from my work station today. Blogging from the swing in the backyard, savoring our gorgeous weather.

Did you enjoy the peek at my yard? I hope so, I truly appreciate your visit.
Have a wonderful day,

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  1. Yes indeed Lori, I enjoyed the peek of your yard. It's absolutely terrific. You are so talented. What a wonderful display. So colorful, so fun, so amazing. You are very good with a camera too.

  2. Awesome decorations and pictures! Simply gorgeous!!

  3. WOW!!! Can I come visit?? And will you help me decorate for fall next year? :)


  4. Such beautiful outdoor decor! I especially love the wheelbarrow display-- gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up at Get Your DIY On! Hope to see you back on Sunday at 7pm EST with your pretty pumpkin projects!

    ~Abby =)

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