Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pretty Pretty Pogonip

  Greetings from Marvin's Daughter! This morning those of us who live Northern Nevada woke up to one of Mother nature's special treats, Pogonip! Pogonip is definitely one of natures prettiest phenomenons. The first time you see Pogonip it is a little confusing. It is usually foggy, yes foggy in the desert, and at first you think it snowed but then you realize it only snowed on the trees and bushes not the ground??? What??? It looks like it rained frost. And that is what is known as Pogonip! Here is a link to what is probably a better explanation of  Pogonip.

  Like most people in the area I grabbed my camera wanting to capture this most beautiful delight! I just took a few pictures in the front yard so I hope you get the idea of what an amazing sight Pogonip is!

  Above and below are pictures of our lilac bushes. Quite the dramatic difference but both beautiful.

  If the Pogonip fairy visits us again tonight, I will be heading straight for the Truckee River tomorrow morning. Hoping to snap some portraits of my favorite subject, Mother Nature.
 Have you ever had Pogonip in your area? Let me know what was your first reaction was?  It can be overwhelming it is so striking! 
Thank you for stopping by,  Have a great day! Lori


  1. As soon as I saw the pogonip this morning I thought of you and hoped you had taken pictures! So pretty!