Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tim Holtz Style Tags January 2013

(From my Funny Board on Pinterest) 
      Greetings today from both of Marvin's Daughters, Lori and Pookie. 
 If you love paper crafting you most likely love Tim Holtz. Creative Guru, legendary, inspirational artist I can't say enough about his talent. Pookie and I both LOVE his cool style!  Each month Tim Holtz creates a tag to inspire paper crafters all over the world. The idea is for you to take some inspiration from his creation and make a tag yourself. Pookie and I have decided to meet the challenge and make a Tim Holtz inspired tag each month for 2013.                                                                                                                          

  I will start with my (Lori) tag. I tried to follow the overall look of Tim's sample tag. (A photo of Tim's tag is at the bottom of the post) I loved it so much! I wish I had taken pictures of each step of the construction of my tag. I will definitely be more prepared next month! Below I will give a general description of what I did.
   I cut the tag from a manilla folder, in fact manilla folder was the only paper I used for this tag. I then reversed printed a pocket watch graphic onto the smooth side of a transparency. While the ink was still wet I rubbed the graphic onto the tag. And presto I had made my own rub-on!! Next I die-cut a Roman Numeral clock with the Silhouette. I snipped the clock into two pieces and glued them to the tag. I then rubbed some olive green ink and then brown ink onto the tag. I also die-cut some gears on the Silhouette and covered them with silver and copper colored glitter. I printed the same phrase for my tag that Tim used on his tag. Added a clip and used pop up tape to adhere it to the tag. I used some metal gears that I had in my stash of paper crafting goodies.
  My favorite part of this project was stamping on some crinkly ribbon. I first rubbed some olive green ink on the ribbon and then stamped the month and year with black ink. Love that special little touch!!
So Ta Da, that's my Tim Holtz style tag for January 2013!

  Now onto Pookie's tag in the picture below.
   You can see that Pookie took some inspiration from Tim and created something really original.
   She stayed with the gears and clock theme but added her own cool phrase.
 I love the fresh look of Pookie's tag and the unique color scheme she went with.

   You might have noticed the cute decorative alarm clock I used in the background of the photos. I picked this up at Real Deals. This store has great home decor, I can't wait to use my gift cards that I got for Christmas! Below is a shot of the clock in its regular spot. Getting my fun clock collection started!
   And finally below is the shot of the Tim Holtz sample tag for January 2013. His style is so unique and cool. Yes I am a Tim Holtz groupie and I am not alone!
Tim Holtz Tag
   Check out Tim Holtzs' blog and website. I will be uploading our tags to his blog. Take a look to see how our tags compare to others. There is some amazing creative talent out there. It's fun to see everyone's different take on the tag.
Thank you for stopping by, let us know what you think of our tags, we would love to hear from you!
Have a great day, Lori


  1. So Amazing! Your website is looking very nice!

  2. Thank you Wendy, I am trying to change a few things up. Still lots of things I want to do! Thank you for the comment and stopping by! Lori

  3. beautiful tag, yes i am a tim holtz groupie too!!

  4. Hi Dana, Love Tim Holtz!! I need to get back on the Tim Tag Train this year! Thanks for the visit!