Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Springtime Decor with Milkglass

Greetings from MarvinsDaughters, and may I say Welcome Spring!!! Well to be honest it isn't quite spring but I am determined to celebrate every precious sign of spring, be it inside or outside. Today I have a bit of inside spring decor to share with you.
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  I have a few treasured pieces of my Grandmother's Milkglass that I thought would be perfect to add a springtime feel to our living room. I added a couple of lacy metal vases from Michael's to the grouping.
 I decided to go with some pale green fabric flowers also from Michael's. All items were purchased at different times with Michael's 40% off coupons.
White Metal Vase

White vase
 I popped my cream colored metal star into the mix. I am so glad I never painted the star, I have been going back and forth on that for awhile.
Spring decor

Spring Decor
 Below, proof that springtime is on the way! Some Zinnia seedlings, I need to thin them, it is still much to early to plant them outside. They really cheer-up the window sill for now.
I started these Zinnias in one of the six cute containers that I picked up at Ikea. I love that each container is a bit different. More seedlings are starting as I type!
White Vase

White vase

Greetings from MarvinsDaughters
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  Do you decorate for spring? Are you decorating for Easter? Please leave a comment, I never tire of hearing new decorating ideas!! If you are a blogger and you have a springtime decor post you would like to share please contact me.
Thank you for stopping by.  Have a great day, Lori 

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  1. I love the white grouping combination with the pop of color! Your photos are very inspiring.

  2. Thank you Wendy, I appreciate your comment, I am thinking of doing another grouping of the Milkglass with some bright flowers...stayed tuned and thank you for stopping by!! Lori

  3. Looks great very different. Nice reminder of our wonderful grandparents that some are no longer with us.
    We can remember the good and wonderful times we had with them when we see their milk glass. Very popular among our previous generations. I have some myself which I am going to try and put something together similar to your idea.
    Thanks for sharing.