Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Mesh Wreaths

Christmas is coming!
Whether you like it or not.
That explains these Christmas wreaths in Oct.
 Otherwise they don't make any sense.
I haven't even decorated for autumn's over 80 degrees everyday.
 So it made sense to make some Christmas decos.
Well it made sense to my crafty friends.
And now here I am with five, yes you read that right five mesh wreaths later.

I don't know what happened....
 apparently I thought I needed a mesh wreath in every color!
 So I made five???
Here are the three Christmas wreaths I made,
 that will make nice gifts for...well I better not say who just yet.
Below is a picture of my friend Andi.
  She started this whole mesh wreath marathon.
Somehow everyone else just made one wreath, not sure how I ended up making five.
But I am pretty sure somehow it's Andi's fault.
Maybe she just really inspires me.
Or maybe I just don't have any self control???
While shopping one day Andi sees the mesh wreath below and says "lets make that"
So we did!
It did take two luncheons for us to finish them.
We are a fun group and we always enjoy our get togethers.
In the above photo is Dana's gorgeous wreath.
 There is Pookie (my sister Julie) (Marvins oldest daughter....meaning older than me!)
Love her and her festive wreath!
Next up is Andi's wreath.
 I love the rich traditional Christmas colors she picked for her wreath.
I love getting together with my crafty friends.
Fun, food and lots of laughs.
Thank you for stopping by today, I appreciate your visit.
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Click here to watch the instructional video on how to make a mesh wreath.
It was pretty easy to put together after watching the video.
Check back to see the Nightmare Before Christmas inspired wreath I made, 
it's my favorite of the five.
Have a wonderful day,


  1. These are so cool. I suck at crafts. Mine would end up looking like a hangman's noose or something. I even watched the video and I've decided this is far beyond my abilities. Will you make me one? :P


  2. Cute, cute wreaths! Not sure I could have one come out like the video, though...