Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pyramid Lake Day Trip

In northern Nevada we are pretty much guaranteed fabulous fall weather.
And we appreciate it!
Last week we woke up to another beautiful fall day.
So we hopped in the truck and hit the road!
We ended up at Pyramid Lake. 
It was a gorgeous day!
I grew up in Northern California, let me tell you the first time I saw Pyramid Lake it was a bit shocking...not a tree in sight!

Dexter is looking for a tree himself.
Pyramid Lake
I guess that's why they built these covered picnic tables.
So there would be some shade.

These tables are all positioned to view the Pyramid.

I am guessing they were built in the 1950's, I can't find any info on them.
I have to be honest I think they are totally cool but I won't be having a meal at these tables.
 I have had plenty of meals while camping at Pyramid, just not at these tables.
My husband likes to fish at Pyramid lake, I like to read books at Pyramid.
Dexter is happy as a clam just to be at the lake!
So this day trip was my husbands choice which meant that lunch was his choice too.
Below is the appropriately named Mile High  Bacon Burger from Carl's Jr.
Oh my goodness....

My husbands body burns calories like a body stores calories like a hoarder.
Yeah lunch is always an issue for us...
Check back to see where I picked to go for our next day trip....
I picked an eatery that does not serve food to you in your truck thru a window.

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