Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Mesh Wreaths

Do you like the movie Nightmare Before Christmas?
Can you believe it was released 21 years ago? Yes 21 years ago!
 It is an amazing movie, the story and the artistry involved are incredible.
This mesh wreath was inspired by this fun movie.
It might look like a lot of work went into this wreath but really it was pretty easy.
 The mesh wreaths go together quickly, then you just need to add some decos.
I used white Christmas ornament balls, black vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo.
I stuck a bunch of black vinyl squares onto the balls. The vinyl sticks to the balls but is still re-positional. I tried to checkerboard the balls but if you look close they are not perfect.
For Jacks face I cut black vinyl oval shaped eyes and I painted his mouth on.
I drew his mouth with a pencil first, then painted it.
 I tucked in some polka dot ribbon too.

My next mesh wreath has a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe too.

 It also has a slight Mackenzie-Child vibe to it.
 This is the one I will keep for myself. I love how sparkly it is.
The Nightmare Before Christmas wreath is for my son and his fiancee.
Just helping them build their decoration collection.
 Click here to watch an instructional video on how to make a mesh wreath.
Click here to see the other mesh wreaths I made and why I made five.

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  1. Haha...I love this one too! And I loved that movie. :)


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